On the Run
Episode 7 of 15 within Season One. Item 7 of 15 overall.
Production number 107.
Chip Johannessen - Writer
Rick Wallace - Director
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Dr. Lee gives a small account of Cirko's death to his superiors, concluding that it was a necessity in the long run, before revealing a new and budding clue in this investigation. Laura and Rich enlist the help of Jackson when her home is mysteriously ransacked by strangers, sending the trio under the radar and up the coast.

Meanwhile, Nim's uncontrollable behavior forces Miles and Phil to steal a pizza delivery car and lead the police on a chase to the beach where Miles lets Nim go in the ocean. Nim reluctantly swims away and Miles turns back to the shore where his parents and the police are waiting for him.

original airdate--November 07,2005    rating--9.3 million




  • The man in the greenhouse has a sea orchid of his own.
  • The sea orchid is found to grow rapidly when given electricity.
  • A flight over Portland is downed by the electrical discharge of a school of creatures.
  • Cirko's research stretches back four years and suggests that there will be tens of thousands of the creatures due to them having no natural predators.


"Mysterious sea creatures are beginning to make isolated appearances around the world. Are they a benign new form of life or the result of something much more sinister? And why is the government determined to cover up their existence?"

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regional titles

Op de vlucht
On the Run
En fuite
Auf der Flucht
Ar an Rith
On the Run
En la carrera