Kiss the Past Goodbye
Episode 13 of 22 within Season Four. Item 79 of 99 overall.
Production number 413.
Frederick Rappaport - Writer
Brad Turner - Director
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Michael is keeping track of Elena and Adam, and he becomes concerned when a new man enters their life. Sure enough, the man turns out to be a Secion One "Valentine Operative" by the name of Robert Corliss whom Operations has sent into to get Elena's Uncle, Stefan Vacek.

Meanwhile, it seems Uncle Stefan is taking over Elena's father's old terrorist business. Can Michael protect Elena and Adam once again without being exposed as still being alive? And can Corliss be trusted with Elana and Adam?

original airdate--June 25,2000


Music--theme music composed by Mark Snow

  1. Original music composed by Sean Callery


Terrorist: Mierta Lupo, Daninsky’s replacement in the Vaduz Region. Some of her business associates include a number of high profile factions. Pan African Militia, Cobra Army and White Liberty.

  • Stefan Vacek: He is a diplomat who took over his brother's business Salla Vacek, murdered a year before.


"I was falsely accused of a hideous crime and sentenced to life in prison. One night I was taken from my cell to a place called Section One, the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet. Their ends are just, but their means are ruthless. If I don't play by their rules, I die."

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regional titles

Kiss the Past Goodbye
Kiss the Past Goodbye
Kiss the Past Adieu
Kuss der Vergangenheit Auf Wiedersehen
Póg an Slán Past
Kiss the Past Addio
Beso del Adiós Pasado