Goodbye to All That
Episode 1 of 7 within Season Two. Item 9 of 110 overall.
Production number 77401.
Robin Green - Writer
Stuart Margolin - Director
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Joel receives a "Dear John" letter from Elaine, who has decided to marry an older judge, and a concerned Ed enlists Maggie to help him deal with it.

Meanwhile, Holling buys a satellite dish for Shelly who "wants to see the world" and unknowingly creates a monster. Watching every obscure channel she can find, Shelly neglects Holling, her job, and sleep while she remains hypnotized in front of the TV screen. Finally, she confesses her obsession to Chris, the closest thing Cicely has to a priest, and seeks forgiveness.

original airdate--April 08,1991   rating--13.9 million


songs--“Theme "The Moose" From Northern Exposure” by David Schwartz. 

  1. "Stardust" by Hoagy Carmichael
  2. "R.B. Blues" by Ruth Brown
  3. "Down Hearted Blues" by Mildred Bailey
  4. "Guitars, Cadillacs" by Dwight Yoakam
  5. "One Foot Draggin'" by The Coasters
  6. "It's Just a Girl Thang" by Icey J
  7. "Let's Dance" by Benny Goodman
  8. "Tea With Alice" by The Palm Court Orchestra
  9. "Lulu" by
  10. "Magnum PI Theme" by Mike Post
  11. "Get Your Life" by Tamar Braxton
  12. "Blue Moon" by Billie Holiday


Shelly’s Earrings:

  • Hawaiian man and woman
  • Crystals 
  • Blue vinyl records

Ed's movie reference: The Graduate

Trivia: Chris is living at KBHR until spring thaw because an old cyprus tree at Kipnuk Lake (establishes name of the lake he lives on) fell on his trailer.

  • Joel dropped Tory Gould in high school; she, Mindy Ginn and Audrey Gutland called Joel "the juggler".
  • Elaine and Joel were together twelve years and lived together. Joel was devastated when he didn't get into Harvard.
  • Joel has been in Cicely 8 months at this point.
  • Shelly was raised Catholic.
  • Chris is ordained by the Universal Life Church from an ad in the back of Rolling Stone.
  • Maggie suffered from a bladder infection.


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regional titles

Vaarwel aan allen die
Goodbye to All That
Au revoir pour tous ceux qui
Auf Wiedersehen an alle,
Slán a fhágáil All That
Addio a All That
Adiós a todo eso