Tortured Souls
Episode 15 of 17 within Season One. Item 15 of 102 overall.
Production number 1JQ015.
David E. Kelley - Writer
Jeff Bleckner - Director
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Shirley asks Alan Shore to use his odious lawyering to help her defend a police officer accused of torture. Donny Crane returns and is the opposing counsel in Denny's case, with Chelina Hall as second chair, where a woman wants to sue her former boyfriend for saying no to her at the alter. For Denny, this is an easy case, for Donny this is to settle a score with Denny for letting him believe for 25 years that he was his father.

Meanwhile, Bernard Ferrion is befriended by Catherine and Alan finds variance with that.

original airdate--February 20,2005    rating--12.1 million


music--Theme Song--"Thowdown" by Danny Lux

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regional titles

Gefolterde Zielen
Tortured Souls
âmes tourmenté
Gefolterte Seelen
Souls tortured
Anime torturate
Almas atormentadas