The Inner Sense (II) (series finale)
Episode 20 of 20 within Season Four. Item 86 of 88 overall.
Production number 4ABP20.
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Jarod finally locates his sister Emily, just in time to see her nearly assassinated by The Centre.

Meanwhile, Miss Parker's search of the secrets behind her mother's death lead her and Jarod to the same place -- and a mysterious young man named Ethan.

original airdate-- May 13,2000      rating--6.2 


music--The Pretender theme song composed by Velton Ray Bunch 


Jarod’s Discoveries: Vacations, Half brother Ethan

Jarod’s Occupations: FBI Agent

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Curtis



There are pretenders among us. Geniuses with the ability to be become anyone they want to be. In 1963 a corporation known as the Centre isolated a young pretender named Jarod and exploited his genius for their research. Then one day their pretender ran away...

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  The Pretender, Season Four

regional titles

The Inner Sense (II) (laatste aflevering)
The Inner Sense (II) (series finale)
Le sens intÚrieur (II) (sÚrie finale)
The Inner Sense (II) (Serienfinale)
An Sense Istigh (II) (sraith finale)
The Inner Sense (II) (series finale)
The Inner Sense (II) (final de la serie)