The One Where Rachel Has A Baby (II) (season finale)
Episode 24 of 24 within Season Eight. Item 195 of 239 overall.
Production number 227423.
David Crane - Writer
Marta Kauffman - Writer
Kevin S. Bright - Director
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Rachel's baby nears delivery with an anxious Ross nearby. After 47 hours of labor, Rachel has her baby, Emma. While she's in endless labor hell, her waiting friends cause hospital havoc.

Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica search for privacy in a quest to have their own baby. Joey finds the engagement ring. Rachel thinks he's proposing and says "Okay."

original airdate--May 16,2002    rating--34.91 million


music--"I'll Be There for You" by The Rembrandts

  1. "River of Tears" by  Eric Clapton 
  2. "Sign on the Window" by Bob Dylan 


Goofs: When a nurse is putting Emma to bed we see that Emma is nicely wrapped up in a blanket. The shot then cuts and Emma's right arm is sticking out the top of the blanket.

  • When Rachel's baby is born, she is held up for Rachel and Ross to see, and she has no umbilical cord. There is no way the cord could have been cut that quickly.
  • While Rachel is having her baby she grabs Ross by the shirt and says "you do it for me" in the next shot her hand is nowhere near Ross. She couldn't have put her arm down that quickly.

Trivia: A robotic baby is used sometimes in the scene when they pass around the baby after Rachel gives birth.

  • When Rachel gives birth, you see a weird substance on the baby. That substance is grape jelly.
  • After Rachel has the baby and Emma is being passed around to all of them, Chandler is the only one not to hold her, even though he is her uncle.


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