Into the Fire reviews
Episode 6 of 22 within Season Four : No Surrender, No Retreat. Item 73 of 117 overall.
Production number 406.

Richard Bilyeu

2007-03-15 23:56:59

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I'd give this episode a score of 11 if it were possible. An epic space battle, scores of payoffs, all done with an itellegence which raised the bar for televised Science Fiction. This is why this series will be the benchmark by which all series to come will be judged.

Kaye Redhead

2007-03-16 00:02:06

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The end of the Shadow War :)

Harry Carnage

2007-03-16 00:11:49

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4 words : The Army of Light. The entire Alliance, Vorlons, Shadows and several First Ones thrown in for good measure all pounding away as Londo and Vir make their play on Narn and Centauri Prime. Sublime and with an intelligent philosphical ending to it all.


2015-11-24 19:31:18

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Unfortunately, I cannot agree with the other glowing reviews. After the colossal build-up, the Shadows and Vorlons just walk away because Sheridan will not choose between them? No way!! I found this to be an unsatisfying conclusion to a very dramatic story arc.