The Farm reviews
Episode 5 of 20 within Season Two. Item 20 of 110 overall.
Production number 205.


2007-11-07 04:33:14

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A new cylon humanoid model is introduced. Wonderful hospital horror.  The plot thickens with Roslin's conspiracy.

But time for a little rant:

 This is a pretty good episode dealing with the issues of survival and some new Cylon mythos stuff to do with baby-making.  All is good and pretty, except for the conveniently easy acceptance of Sharon Cylon by the Resistance.  Frustratingly easy as well is some of the splitting of the fleet so easily.  It's around this point in the second season when, despite all the good drama of the epic, prophecy-based stuff, it really seems to be dwarfing any development of exploration of the culture of the fleet, the reporters, politicians, the ordinary people that we've only barely seen represented in the past in episodes like Colonial Day, the miniseries, and Bastille Day (well, talk of ordinary people there).  Certainly there are some other episodes that come back to these people and their needs eventually, but never in the kind of depth that it needs.  Frustratingly, also, an arc is an arc.  This is a good plot to follow, brilliantly concluded in Home part II, but the stories of the series as a whole are unfortunately swallowed up by good old epic stuff we love to see.  The believablity of the great things falters without background to support them.