Frequently Asked Questions
What is GEOS?

GEOS is the Global Episode Opinion Survey.

It is an internet-based Survey of over 90 current and classic genre television shows ranging from Doctor Who to Alias. Participation in the Survey is open to anyone from around the world, and any episode of a series can be voted on as long as it has aired somewhere in the world.

How do I participate in the Survey?

To participate in the Survey, you must first be a GEOS Member. Membership is FREE, and can be obtained through our quick and straight-forward registration process.

Once you have filled out the registration form an e-mail will be sent to you with your Confirmation Key. Simply return to the GEOS web site, click on the "Confirm your registration" link in the Member Options panel on the left of any page, and enter your Confirmation Key in the form provided to complete the registration process.

Is GEOS an official site?

No, GEOS is not an official web site of any of the series contained in the Survey.

The GEOS site is owned by Ian and Brian Poleykett, who are assisted by a large team of volunteers from around the globe. It is a non-profit web site, with all proceeds and donations going towards meeting site hosting costs.

Why did you take my favourite show off the air?

We didn't! GEOS does not produce any of the series contained in the Survey, and therefore has no control over what series are renewed or cancelled. See previous question.

We appreciate your frustration and anger at the loss of your favourite series, but we suggest writing to the particular production company involved in making the series. Venting your anger at us will unfortunately make no difference and will not get your series back on the air.

What do the Liaisons do?

The Liaisons are dedicated volunteers in a variety of countries who help collect episode information, news and most importantly broadcast information for the series of their choice. The Liaison team is responsible for monitoring when series are airing in the countries GEOS monitors, and adding that data to the GEOS TV Database.

Why doesn't my country have customised listings in GEOS TV?

If your country is not listed in GEOS TV it is most likely because there is no Liaison for it. A Liaison is required to collect the broadcast data for a country.

Can I be a Liaison for my country?

Most certainly! We would love to see GEOS expand to cover as many countries as possible. Therefore if you would like to donate a few hours a week to helping maintain broadcast schedules for each series in GEOS for your country, then e-mail us today!

However, please make sure that you are serious about becoming a GEOS Liaison. We do not want to go to the effort of adding your country only to not have you change your mind at the last minute or do nothing.

Can you add my favourite series to GEOS?

We would love to add many new or classic series to GEOS. However, adding a series depends on two requirements being met:

  1. The series is popular (i.e. not in danger of being cancelled after a few episodes).
  2. People are willing to collect airdates for it (i.e. it needs a Liaison) in each and every country that GEOS monitors.

The best way to get your favourite series added, especially if it is popular, is to offer to be a Liaison for it.