Star Trek: 10 a sequel for Insurrection?
Thursday, 10th December 1998.
Source: Cinescape.
"I'm confident we have one more feature film in us and I think it should be an actual sequel to this one..." Patrick Stewart recently told the Calgary Sun. "After one more film, I think we should pass the mantle on to the Deep Space Nine characters. We don't want to become The Rolling Stones of the Star Trek films."

Star Trek producer Rick Berman goes further by revealing that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters will likely receive the baton and may co-star in a number of movies with selected members of The Next Gen crew. "There are a few more movies left in the Generations franchise and there's a good chance we'll see a Deep Space Nine film," he tips. "What we'd like to do is introduce a few of the characters from Deep Space into the next Generations movie just to tease audiences."

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